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Femmes’ Video Art Festival

April 6, 2016 @ 12:00 pm - April 17, 2016 @ 6:00 pm





LOS ANGELES CONTEMPORARY EXHIBITIONS (see below for program dates)

April 16th and April 17th – Entire program (all sections) at LACE


April 23rd and April 30th: Femmes’ Festival screenings of primary video selections at The Situation Room


The Femmes’ Video Art Festival was started by Micol Hebron for The Situation Room in 2015. The festival is curated from an open call for female-identified video artists to submit works made in the last 3 years. The objective of the festival is to explore and celebrate the issues, themes, and artistic styles that are being addressed by female-identified artists today. The themes of the curatorial selections emerge from the submissions. From more than 300 submissions, 120 videos were selected to be a part of the Festival, and to be featured in thematic programs at LACE. We are delighted to feature work by artists from all over the globe, artists who are early in their careers, and artists who are established.

Hebron has been curating programming to coincide with the Gallery Tally exhibition. The programs are intended to explore different facets and forms of feminism, including: a conversation with teenage male feminists; a panel on transfeminism and TERFS, Feminist Friday social event; and a panel on gender and the market. The Femmes’ Video Art Festival is an annual festival that takes place at The Situation Room, but this year we’re also showing it at LACE, with extended programming for the occasion. As with the Femmes’ festival, the Gallery Tally exhibition and the other events, Hebron aims to provide platforms and opportunities for female-identified artists and community members to have a voice, to share their work, and to engage in conversation and collaboration.

The Situation Room is a community project space located in Eagle Rock, CA. It was founded in 2015 by Micol Hebron, with the objective of providing space and resources for artistic and artist projects that may not have time or space in more traditional artistic venues.  Operating with feminist ideology of collaboration, horizontality, alternative economies, and consciousness-raising, all members of the community are always welcome to propose and/or attend projects at The Situation Room. The Femmes’ Video Art Festival screenings will occur at The Situation Room (2313 Norwalk Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90041) on April 23rd and April 30th, with unique programming each night, from 8-11pm.

April 7th 16th, and 17th: TRUTHS AND FICTIONS:

This program features videos that explore empirical truths, and constructed realities, with videos that are documentary, and videos in which the artist explores fictional narratives, perhaps alluding to realities that they wish were truths, or critiquing those that are. They range in content from sexuality, identity, ecology, and pop culture.

Rebeca Ora, Porn for the Blind, 2016, 11’40” (Santa Cruz, CA)

LJ Roberts, Inflamed, 2015, 6’02 (Joshua Tree, CA/Brooklyn, NY)

Poulomi Desai, IndieFemME, 2014, 11’42” (London, UK)

Emma Robertson, I Want To Be Loved By You, 2015, 8’15” (London/Los Angeles)

Annetta Kapon, The Line Between, 2013, 2’00” (Los Angeles, CA)

Dina Ronecevic, Concretizing, 2014, 10’03” (Croatia/Amsterdam)

Muriel Montini, (Dream) of a distant land, 2013, 10’20” (Paris, France)

Yoshie Sakai, Koko’s Love, 2014, 11’14” (Los Angeles, CA)

Meike Redeker, The Bridge, 2015, 3’57” (Brauschweig, Germany)

Georgie Flood, Glorious Bodied Woman, 2014, 5’16” (Melbourne, Australia)

Tracy Rosenthal, RiRi (Re)Vision, 2015, 13’00 (Los Angeles, CA)


APRIL 8th, 16th, and 17th: BY LAND OR BY SEA

Feminism branches into all facets of life and society – from reproductive rights, language, politics, economics, ecology, rites and rituals, ‘mother earth’, relationships, employment, and so many more. There is an important history of femmes addressing ecology, the earth, the elements, the environment. This series features works that address feminine perspectives and interactions wtih the land, water, landscape, and nature.

 Christina McPhee, Solar Circuit, 2016, 5’06” ( San Francisco, CA)

Karyl Newman, AVE K, 2016, 0:29’ (Joshua Tree, CA)

Diana Sofia Estrada, Mountain Through a Peephole, 2015, 5’41” (Los Angeles, CA)

Anna Ayeroff, Arrive with a Wall Twice, 2015, 3’23” (Los Angeles, CA)

Elise Kermani, Agamemnon’s Daughter, 2016, 4’23” (New York, NY)

Ginny Sykes and Kim Dotty Hachman, Healing Grounds, 2013, 3’38” (Chicago/Berlin)

Cara Despain, Augustina Woodgate, Kenny Riches, Sebastian Bellver, Cracked, 2015 (Miami/Buenos Aires), 9’39”

Gina Cunningham, Boat, 2015, 11’48” (Miami Beach/Los Angeles)

Margarit Lehmann, Versuch Einer Metamorphose, 2016, 5’39” (Basel, Switzerland)


APRIL 9th, 16th, and 17th: FROM WITHOUT/FROM WITHIN:

This thematic includes videos that address the female perspective on fashion, and the dangers and constrictions that women, specifically, experience from clothing – an instrument of external oppression. There are also videos about the female subject inside domestic architecture. These recall the pre-raphaelite paintings of women inside houses looking longingly through the windows at the natural world outside. Videos in this section explore the relationship of the female mind and body to architectural space, and the ways in which that space can shape our thoughts and actions.


Carla Dellabeffa, Dresscode, 2016, 2’150” (Milan, Italy)

Teresa Ascencao, Dressing, 2015, 2’14” (Toronto, CA)

Meike Redeker, The Threshold, 2015, 2’15” (Braunschweig)

Lynn Estomin, Fashion to Die For, 2015, 5’38” (Williamsport, PA)

Dani Dodge, The Weight of Fabric, 2015 (Los Angeles)

Evelin Stermitz, Room Thoughts, 2014, 3’04 (New York, NY)

Nancy Baric, Pour Gently, 2014, 2’08 (Montreal, CA)

Jenifer Yeurokis, Her Zealous Preservation 2, 1’40” (Portland, OR)

Jana Doell, The Rehearsal, 2015, 3’25” (Coburg, Germany)

Simone Stoll, Meer, 2013, 4’16” (Frankfurt, Germany)

Perry Bard, Out My Window, 2015, 4’33” (New York, NY)



The videos in this program explore structural and post-structural use of language, the pairing of language and image, language as image, and image as language; as well as split screen videos that address subjectivity through notions of the fragmented and multifaceted self.


Zata Banks, Full Stop, 2014, 4’46” (London, UK)

Tamara Lai, I & Them, 2015, 1’52” (Belgium)

Eden Mitsenmacher, STYLE, 2015, 3’21” (London/Tel Aviv)

Lisa Heissenberg, What’s Love Got To Do With It, 2014, 11’43” (Germany)

Cole Lu, Palmist, 2015, 2’04” (St. Louis, MO)

Amy Jorgensen, Well Behaved Women, 2014, 5’05” (Ephraim, UT)

Nanna Lysholt Hansen, Miss, 2013, 10’58” (Coppenhagen, DK)

Muriel Montini, Je Vais Où Je Suis, 2014, 2’51” (Paris, France)

Chrischa Oswald, M(O)USE, 2015, 6’50” (Berlin/Lisbon)


APRIL 13th, 16th, and 17th: PERFORMATIVITY:

This program offers examples of the many ways that women use their bodies as vehicles for exploring and reflecting the role of the female subject in society, nature, and history. “Performance” is defined in various ways, including dance, ritual, theater, performance art, intervention, and roleplay. Masks, costumes, and characters assist in presenting the body as a political and philosophical site.


Marianne Magne, I Get Nervous At Times, 2016, 1’17” (Los Angeles)

Marianne Magne, Phantom Limbs, 2015, 3’36” ” (Los Angeles)

Urszula KluzKnopek, Vernal, 2015, 2’18” (Poland)

Isabel Perez del Pulgar, Corpus Speculado, 2014, 4’30” (Granada, SP)

Nataša Prosenc Stearns, Marianne and the Water Veil, 2015, 4’13” (Venice, CA)

Beatriz Albuquerque, Happy Birthday Mr. President, 2015, 9’29” (Portugal/New York)

Katya Grokhovsky, Status Update, 2013, 3’00”  (Ukraine/Australia/New York)

Amanda Seddon, I Am UNICORN, 2014, 2’18” (Sydney, Australia)

Katy Plummer, Pieta, 2014, 4’09”  (Sydney, Australia)!la-pieta/c1ray

Jana Doell, Beltrane, 2015, 6’26” (Coburg, Germany)

Chrischa Oswald, MMXIII, 2013, 4’52” (Berlin)

Melissa Vogley Woods, I’m Painting Fucking, 2015, 7’39” (Columbus, OH)

Meital Yaniv, Blood Flows in Blue, 2015, 11’59” (Tel Aviv/Los Angeles)

Kelsy Gossett, TICK TOCK, 2016 (Wichita, KS)

Sanja Burazin, Eat Me!, 2015, 5’26” (Croatia)

Theresa Anderson, Twister, 2015, 6’36” (Denver, CO)

Julischka Stengele, All Eyes on Us, 2015, 11”35” (Vienna, Austria)

Nina Lassila, Lost Child, 2015, 11”35” (Gothenburg, Berlin, Belgium)

Brigette Lucas, Alopecia, 2015, 3’03” (New South Wales, Australia)



(and APRIL 23 at The Situation Room):

The videos in the main festival screenings for FVAF2 consist of a range of stylistic approaches by artists from around the world. The festival is intended to provide an overview of the perspectives and characteristics in video art made by women today. There are videos by emerging and established artists alike; videos that are documentary, fictional, performative, animated. The sequence of videos is curated to build commentary and narrative – look for relationships between successive videos as you watch!


Marlena Novak, Dining Tsars, 2015-16, 3’19” (Chicago/Amsterdam)

Ting Ting Cheng, Ten Thousand Chinese Things, 2016, 7’43” (Taipei/London)

Julie Weitz, Sole Archaeologist, 2015, 4’30”  (Los Angeles, CA)

Zui Kumar-Reddy, Goef Josef, 2015, 4’17” (Bangalore, India/Asheville, North Carolina)

United Colors of Bitchaton Not Your Bitch, 2013

Yoshie Sakai, You’re Married, Now What, 2015, 7’36” (Los Angeles, CA)

Julie Weitz, Natural Woman, 2015, 3’19” (Los Angeles, CA)

Amy Jorgensen, Far From the Tree, 2014, 7’15” (Ephraim, UT)

Nataša Prosenc Stearns, Night Spring, 2015, 2’56” (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Julie Orser, Untitled, 2013, 3’28” (Los Angeles, CA)

Melissa Vogley Woods, Monochrome Suite 1, 2013, 3’15” (Columbus, OH)

Christen Clifford, Interior, 2015,  (Queens, NY)

Annique Delphine, Abundance, 2015, 3’10” (Berlin, Germany)

Katya Grokhovsky, Hotness, 2016, 1’24” (Ukraine/Australia/New York)

Christy Roberts Berkowitz, Floral Brew, 2015 8’15 (Upland, CA)

Katy Plummer, Suffragist, 2015, 5’06” (Sydney, Australia)

Carolina Loyola-Garcia, Constant Friendship, 2014, 1’47” (Pittsburg, PA)

Carla Dellabeffa, Masters & Mentors, 2015, 3’00” (Milan, Italy)

Elizabeth Ross, Biography, 2013, 6’28” (Mexico City/Madrid)

Mariana Collares, ISTO, 2014, 4’31” (Porto Alegre, Brasil)

Barbara Gilivanka and Kedzior Friedman, Double Bind #3, 2013, 3’50” (Toulouse, Fance)



Chrischa Oswald, Mother Tongue, 2013, 4’10 (Berlin/Lisbon)

Julia-Charlotte Richter, Promised Land, 2013, 11’24” (Berlin, Germany)

Blair Bogin, I’m Crazy, 2015, 1’01” (Chicago, IL)

Zata Banks, Poetry Film Blackboard, 2014, 6’55” (London, UK)

Jody Zellen, Fragments, 2014, 5’01” (Los Angeles, CA)

Jennifer Stefanisko, Double Wig Tragedy, 2014, 1’00” (Los Angeles, CA)

Georgie Flood, Chatter, 2016, 5’13” (Australia/Los Angeles)

Heather Trawick, Jenny & John, 2015, 3’06” (Los Angeles, CA)

Cole Lu, But You Know It’s Often All I Want, 2015, 3’42” (St. Louis, MO)

Poulomi Desai, Experiments With Noise No 3. Vivarta, 2013, 1’07” (London, UK)

Cindy Hinant, Summer Hit 2015, 0’59” (New York, NY)


APRIL 15th, 16th, and 17th : FEMMES VIDEO ART FESTIVAL 2

(and at The Situation Room onAPRIL 30TH  )

The videos in the main festival screenings for FVAF2 consist of a range of stylistic approaches by artists from around the world. The festival is intended to provide an overview of the perspectives and characteristics in video art made by women today. There are videos by emerging and established artists alike; videos that are documentary, fictional, performative, animated. The sequence of videos is curated to build commentary and narrative – look for relationships between successive videos as you watch!

Vanessa Vox, In the Heart of the Kaleidoscope, 2015, 2’25” (Switzerland/France)

Andrea Huber, Line Drawing No. 1, 2015, 3’55” (Los Angeles)

Kedzior Friedman and Barbara Glivanka, Inside 2013, 2’46


Link to Video:

Ewa Surowiec, Touch, 2013, 13’52”

Rebecca Lavoie and Kim Maurice, Homosexuals Amasesquals, 2016, 1’24” (Montreal/Chicago)

Rebecca Ora, Habibibuah, 2013, 1’03”

Cindy Hinant, Summer Hit, 2014, 0’17” (New York, NY)

AdrienneRose Gionta, Simitation, 2013,  2’32” (New York/Florida)

Michele Jaquis and Jeremy Quinn, Negotiations, 2016 2’18 (Los Angeles, CA)

Bryne Rasmussen-Smith, Your Baby Your Way, 2015, 4’36” (Los Angeles)

Marianne Magne, HandMade Cells, 2013, 1’55”

Catherine Cartwright, DoubleConscioussness, 2016, 4’57” (Boulder, CO)

Elizabeth Wurst, Super Pregnant Gangsta Bitch, 2015, 2’14” (Lima, Peru/Braunschweig, Germany)

Alisa Yang, Please Come Again, 2016, 3’24” (Michigan)

Tomorrow Girls Troop, Beautiful Single Mother, 2015, 3’19” (Japan/Los Angeles)

Shannon Willis, Unforeseeable Distance, 2016, 10’33” (Oregon)

Eija Temiseva, Something To Tell, 2014, 4’22” (Espoo, Finland)

Jenn Berger, You Were Holding Me In California While My Grandfather Was Dying in Maryland, 2014, 1’30” (Los Angeles)

Itzia Pintado, Brokenness, 2015, 10”50” (Mexico City)

Kerrie Welsh, Both-and, 2015, 7’49” (Santa Cruz, CA)

Eugenia Barbuc, Kitchen Time & Space, 2015, 5’03” (Los Angeles, CA)

Blair Bogin, Twelve, 2014, 5’59” (Chicago, IL)

Abigail Child, ELSA merdelamerdelamer, 2013, 3’43” (Manhattan, NY)

Cindy Rehm, Dora Dreams, 2015, 7’35” (Los Angeles)

Meike Redeker, Here Is Where I Long To Be, 2014, 8’53” (

Minkyung Choi, Perfect Picture, 2014, 5’18” (Los Angeles, CA)

Nina Lassila, To The Audience, 2014, 5’37” (Gothenburg, Berlin, Belgium)

Eden Mitsenmacher, A Poem For You, 2014, 1’58” (London/Tel Aviv)

Blair Bogin, Clean Room, 2015, 0’40”


April 6, 2016 @ 12:00 pm
April 17, 2016 @ 6:00 pm
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