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Artist Talk with Lezley Saar

January 14, 2010 @ 8:00 pm - August 9, 2015 @ 10:00 pm

January 14, 2010

Free and open to the public

Join I Feel Different artist Lezley Saar and curator Jennifer Doyle as they discuss the exhibition currently on view at LACE. Saar will talk about her practice, her “Tragic Mulatto” series, and the way in which her work ties into the exhibition’s central themes.

Deemed “sentimental ambivalence” by Doyle, Saar’s work depicts the outcasted figures of an American culture that only exist in folktales and memories now. Focusing on the blurred space between dual identities— black/ white, male/ female, natural/ strange— Saar embraces contradiction and celebrates the atypical personalities of American history, such as Dorothy Champ, Saartji Bartman and the albinistic Rudolf Lacasie.

I Feel Different is a provocative project that explores both the experience of feeling different from others and the transformational power of art to make one feel differently. This multi-media exhibit gathers together artists working in the unusual registers of the sentimental and the sincere – testing the limits of what kinds of emotional expression are possible within art. In doing so, they ask us if tears register as “real” in art, what happens when we are asked to take on an artist’s outrage, depression, or pleasure as our own, or how much can an artist can really change how we feel.    Featuring Nao Bustamante, Monica Duncan and Lara Odell, James Luna, Lezley Saar, Susan Silton, Raquel Gutierrez, David Wojnarowicz, and Niña Yhared (1814). Curated by Jennifer Doyle.

Download, print, and assemble the online catalog with Jennifer Doyle’s exhibition essay, “Feel Your Way Through It.”

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