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Portable City Projects

April 24, 2011 - August 26, 2011

Portable City Projects, led by artist Jules Rochielle, conceives of itself as an urban survival kit, a tool box for social interaction. Using an arts-based approach to building human connection while ending the silence that exists between us, Portable City Projects is a study on creating dialogue amongst those who experience urban alienation and isolation. LACE has invited Portable City Projects to stage a series of interactions with Hollywood community members throughout the year. www.portablecityprojects.org

24 April 2011, NOON – 2 PM
Alison O’Daniel
will lead a movement workshop based on seemingly unimportant scenes in films that serve to bridge together important, climactic moments within narrative.

27 February 2011, NOON – 2PM
Christine Suarez
is a choreographer, dancer and art instigator. She loves to make dances in unusual and unexpected places. Her definition of dance is broad and welcoming. Using improvisation, sound, and body, participants in her workshop will collectively create mini-dance events all over the space.

23 January 2011, NOON – 2PM
Paige Tighe presents a workshop focused on meditation while moving. She will lead the group in simple meditative dance exercises with a focus on being present in your body. These exercises will center you while also being energizing!

24 October 2010, NOON – 2 PM
Join Gregory Barnett in an all-level interdisciplinary performance and movement workshop based in “conviction/commitment/intent” rather than traditional, codified techniques. During this two hour session, Barnett will guide participants toward working with vulnerability and emotional sensitivity as a strength in a series of physical actions and experiments “stemming from a healthy lack of inhibition and a nauseating amount of self-love.”

14 November 2010, NOON – 2 PM
Christine Suarez is a choreographer, dancer and art instigator. She loves to make dances in unusual and unexpected places. Her definition of dance is broad and welcoming. Using improvisation, sound, and body, participants in her workshop will collectively create mini-dance events all over the space.

12 December 2010, NOON – 2 PM
Elizabeth Yochim with Turning the Wheel enlivens whole mind, body, and spirit consciousness through embodiment, play and authentic self-expression.

Thursdays 5:30 – 9 PM, Saturdays and Sundays by appointment only
Portable City Projects moves forward in its year-long residency with LACE’s Public Interest initiative with The 45 Minute Dialogue. Visitors are invited to schedule an appointment or come during drop-in hours to converse with the artist about themes of hope, dreams, creativity, and collaboration for 45 minutes. Each dialogue will be documented and archived into the installation in LACE’s front gallery, creating a continually growing bank of ideas.

Public Action One: Supporting Public Libraries
Monday – Sunday, 16 – 22 August 2010, 6:00- 7:00 PM

Take a moment to shout out on the Portable City audio blog, and to take action which will show your support of public libraries. Tell us why library doors should be kept open. This audio blog will become part of a week long action at LACE from Aug 16 – 23rd in front of LACE. Show your support of public libraries.

In conjunction with the State of the Union installation, Portable City Projects and Robert Ransick invite you to take part in the Voice of the People audio project. This participatory project features recordings by individuals reading the state ballot measures and voter results that make up State of the Union combined with popular music about each of those states.To make an appointment to read a ballot measure and share your opinions email Jules Rochielle at voice@portablecityprojects.org.

Friday, 1 October 2010, 8 PM – Midnight
A Portable City Projects Public Action
Get on your bikes and ride! Members of the bike community will gather at LACE at 8pm, then take to the streets of Hollywood en masse. This group ride will thematically explore immigration issues and the ideas of freedom and mobility. Riders will pick up food of various cuisines found in Los Angeles, reflecting the diversity of our city’s population. LACE will then host a midnight picnic and video screening following the ride. Wear a helmet, reflective clothing, and lights on your bike, please!

Saturday, 18 September 2010, 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Ana Guajardo
will lead a discussion on her Tianguis project. Tianguis (the Nahuatl word for open air markets dating from the Mesoamerican period and still in existence today) is a project examining a contemporary community of vendor-artists in Los Angeles that participate in and innovate the urban, public market culture.
The Tianguis project is a three-month exploration integrating an exhibition, a live tianguis, community dialogues and workshops. It is a collaborative project utilizing the participation of a special community of artists and entrepreneurs that are relationally connected through Latino cultural events and venues in East Los Angeles. While this neighborhood has served as a hub to unite them annually at specific events, their work and residencies are by no means confined here. The Tianguis Project aims to illuminate the complex network of art, commodity, politics and culture that are activated in the temporal and spatial constructs of these markets.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010, 7:00- 9:00 PM
Several years ago, the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department (CAD) started a program entitled the “Living Urban Museum of Electric and Neon Signs” or LUMENS. Conceived by Al Nodal, former General Manager of CAD, the program is responsible for relighting over 150 signs throughout the Wilshire Corridor, Hollywood, and downtown Los Angeles. Today, as sources of funding for the project have narrowed, the re-lighting effort has slowed considerably.  The Museum of Neon Art currently administers LUMENS with support from the Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency, and private funding. Al Nodal will lead us on a walk along Hollywood Boulevard and talk about the Lumens Project.

Saturday, 4 September 2010, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Portable City and LACE are in the neighborhood. A day filled with sweeping and cleaning the area around LACE. Getting to know the neighbors and asking them for opinions on Public Green Spaces. Portable City collaborates with Owen Driggs, GYST, Mere Hackleman and anyone else that wants to join in on the fun.Photos will be taken. An archive of public opinion will be created.

Thursday, 12 August 2010, 7:00-10:00 PM
Join members of the Transforma Team for an open house event to celebrate the release of the 96-page, color publication that documents Transforma’s five years of activity in New Orleans.
Transforma supported public and socially engaged creative practice through direct project support in the post-Katrina landscape, and also through broader resource development and knowledge transfer. Financial support was provided to New Orleans-based projects on large and small scales through two programs: the pilot projects and the Creative Recovery Mini-Grant program. In addition to monetary resources, Transforma made contributions by hosting a website (a digital forum) and through convenings (physical forums). The multiple structures of support allowed for a great diversity of individuals and projects to engage with the Transforma initiative, some on a one-time basis at a convening, some on multiple occasions through the website, and some on a daily basis through direct project support. The Transforma team includes Jessica Cusick, Sam Durant, Jess Garz, Rick Lowe, and Robert Ruello.  Read more about their New Orleans projects at www.transformaprojects.org.

Thursday, 26 August 2010, 7:00-10:00 PM
Workshop with Owen Driggs, Evelyn Serrano and Felipe Zuñiga
At LACE on August 26th, Owen Driggs, Evelyn Serrano and Felipe Zuñiga will discuss Economy of Gesture with Jules Rochielle of Portable City Project and offer a workshop. Owen Driggs will throw some interesting writing prompts to participants to explore possibilities in the coupling of image and word. Evelyn Serrano and Felipe Zúñiga will work on the formal production of the sign, utilizing various supports and materials to create unique signs, and the development of individual and group performative actions suited to each sign.  read more >